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Say YES to Education, Culture & Golf.

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Say No To Drugs
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Say No To Drugs
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Riviera Beach Academic Summer Camp Staff & Counselors during a Say No To Drugs... presentation

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Say No To Drugs-Say Yes To Education Culture & Golf.
Di No a la Droga
Di Si a la Educacion,
Cultura y Golf.
Di non a Dwog- Di Oui a Edukacion, Culture et Golf. 

---Just The Facts---

Club Drugs Methamphetamine
Cocaine Prescription & Over-The-Counter Meds
Hallucinogens Salvia
Heroin Spice
Inhalants Steroid
Khat Tobacco
Marijauna http://www.drugabuse.gov/NIDAHome.html
for further resources
Understanding Drug Abuse & Addiction Getting High on Prescription & Over-The-Counter Drugs is dangerous.
The Brain's Response to Drugs-Teachers guide
62 pages

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