Our Youth Programn

Golf Instruction • Golf Tournaments • Fundraisers

Youth Registration Form

This is the “ICYG Official Registration Form” that must be kept up to date by the parent or guardian and on file by us. No child shall be permitted to participate in any and all ICYG sponsored or supported activities unless we have a current completed application. It is imperative that it be typed, legibly prepared, signed in blue or black ink and returned to the address below for approval fifteen days prior to any anticipated involvement with ICYG.

Parent /Guardian-Volunteer Form

Youth Golf Activity Stipend-Scholarship Application A limited amount of charter, public or private school support is made available to applicants based on their grades, need, involvement in our initiatives and overall golf activities. This is the formal “application” for submittal to request a stipend or scholarship support for the following: to pay for school books and supplies, golf course access, membership fees, tournament entry fees, clinics, lessons, equipment, uniforms, food, travel, cultural events such as concerts, plays, museums and educational tours to the extent that funds are available.

ICYG Code of Conduct

All sports have a code of conduct that govern them. A code of conduct is a set of principals, standards, values, rules outlining the responsibilities of or proper practices for the sport. Unlike any other sport, golf certainly has its unique code of condut.

****Life's Do's & Dont's****

Golf Instruction

ICYG Inc., meets as scheduled for golf instruction, and to go over our educational materials by reading the rules of golf and learning how to add and subtract through the use of score cards. A parent/guardian is required to participate. Each is requested to complete the application process and donate $25.00 per quarter per person. Special activity fees may be required. We use grants, gifts, contributions and fundraisers to reduce the overall costs. We teach life skills— Integrity, Honesty, Perseverance and Courtesy.

Putting demonstration

Field Trips/Meetings

A few times each year, we strive to take some of the children on incentive cultural, educational and meaningful golf trips/tours that relate to our overall goals and objectives such as to Washington, DC and tours of colleges and universities, LPGA Headquarters, World Golf Hall of Fame, PGA of America Learning Center, USGA, international exchange field trips, amateur and professional golf related activities and events.

We host golf clinics, camps and other activities, workshops, meetings, retreats, greenside chit chats and also sponsor some of our youth to attend the Annual PGA Exposition, Palm Beach County Day in Tallahassee, League of Cities and Counties Conferences as well as to participate in the “Preventing Crime in the Community Conference."

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