Say No To Drugs

Many cities continue to experience increases in gang related crimes and acts of violence. Some have received serious injections of illegal drugs and other bad elements. Those who have sought to carry out their evil objectives tried to set up “offices” in Palm Beach County, Florida but realized that a Sheriff named - Ric L. Bradshaw was on duty.

He has established his presence in many ways to make our streets safer and our communities more enjoyable with a no nonsense gang task force, increased community awareness and support of many programs such as the police athletic leagues, scouts and other community programs like ours.

With a donation from his “Law Enforcement Trust Fund” ICYG has launched its “Drug Abuse Education” initiative – “Say No To Drugs – Say Yes To Education, Culture & Golf” - which has generally targeted children ages 9 – 14 in our community. We thank Sheriff Bradshaw and other members of his team for their support and confidence in our ability to make a small difference in the lives of the very young children in our county.

Say No To Drugs Slogan