"Our Children Our Future"

2019 Birdies For Children

About Birdies for Children

Introduced at the Honda Classic in 2010, the Birdies for Children program serves to help 501 (c) 3 organizations (like ICYG) generate additional fundraising dollars through an exciting contest that culminates with a grand prize winner driving home in  a brand new 2018 Honda! Eight years into the campaign, Birdies for Children has raised over 6.9 million for charity; distributing funds to over 120 local and national oraganizations.

Thank you to all that participated in the Birdies for Children to assist ICYG with their youth programs and the Learning Center & Museum building fund. 
The total number of birdies for 2018 : 1090

Thank you for your continued support!

2019 Birdies For Children Registration Open.
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How it Works:

Charities solicit donations of $20.00 or more from donors who make pledges either on line or on printed pledge form. The donor then receives the opportunity to make guess(es) on the number of birdies that will be made at the 2019 Honda Classic. The person coming closest to the actual number will receive a brand new 2019 Honda automobile!

What is a birdie? - A birdie is a score of one stroke better than par for any golf hole. Par is the average expected score for any given hole (typically 3,4, or 5). PGA pros are expected to make anywhere between 1,000 - 1,500 birdies during The Honda Classic.

The Honda Classic collects all donations and writes checks back to the charities for 100% of the money plus the 10% matching bonus.

Past Birdie Totals:

2009: 1,180     2010: 1,181     2011: 1,041     2012: 1,279     2013: 1,244     2014: 1,363 2015: 1,168
2016: 1,246     2017: 1,361 2018: 1,090

Maximum # of birdies guessess:

The maximum number of guesses a donor may submit is 30, regardless of the amount donated. The scale of 1 guess for $20.00, 3 guesses for $50.00 is used until 30 is reached ($500). A donor may pledge more than $500, but will only be allowed 30 guesses.

If using the online link, a donor can donate a maximu of $500.00 for each transaction.